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The NOLA BASH couple loves fiercely. This is not just any kind of love. It is the kind of love that leaves you awake at night in wonder. The kind of love that, no matter how long you have been together, leaves you with a little spark when you accidentally touch.

The NOLA BASH couple is never afraid to risk it all for their love. They believe in taking chances and know that their relationship is worth every breath-catching-memory-making moment they indulge in.

Speaking of indulging, this couple certainly knows how to indulge in a good time, great music and a fantastic menu full of food sure to be Instagram worthy. They seek out the finer things in life (because life is short) but the finer things don’t define who they are at the core or what they believe in. This couple loves a thoughtful design and wants their guests to not only attend the wedding but to experience the evening with them.

The NOLA BASH couple is excited about the milestone of marriage but more excited about what comes after. They want to travel, learn new things, and spend their life getting to know one another better everyday. Our brides are visionaries, unique to the center of who they are, loving, thoughtful, compassionate and can rock a night in just as much as a night out on the town (and our grooms can handle a woman so strong)!

The NOLA BASH couple is real, unafraid of who they are and driven to become even better as a married couple. We love the NOLA BASH couple and cannot wait to help you plan an experience that will you leave you feeling like you’re falling in love all over again.

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